Be part of RobotChallenge!

Each year RobotChallenge, Europe’s largest robotic championship, brings together people from all over the world who compete with their self-made, autonomous robots in various competitions.

In addition the networking between participants is a main aspect of the event: During the two-day event participants have the possibility to exchange ideas and make friends with teams of different nations. An excited audience is the reward for the months of work in the area of informatics, electronics, mechanics and artificial intelligence.

RobotChallenge offers suitable competitions for beginners as well as for experienced robot designers of all age groups. You can find out more about the various competitions here.

If you participate in RobotChallenge and are still looking for a place to stay in Vienna, click here for more information.

Here are some nice things participants of previous years say about RobotChallenge:

"People, atmosphere, venue, organization… impressive!"

"Students can gain experience in the robotic field. They can make friends with other teams. They can be free at designing their own robot."

"Excellent organization and ideas!"

"I'm really impressed about everything. It was a very good organization, very good conditions."

"I think that is one of the best experiences of my life. It was perfect."

"Very nice venue. Lots of competitions to choose from."

"It’s great that you bring so much people together and have multiple disciplines of robot competitions and that without chaos."

"It was fun and there were lots of interesting robots."

"Die RobotChallenge ist traditionell ein super Event!"

"I really loved the competition, everything was planned really well."

"Every thing was good. The best thing was some impressive and creative solutions from some of the participants."

"Wie jedes Jahr - eine tolle Veranstaltung!"

"Everything was good, keep it up!"