In the last few years RobotChallenge became one of the biggest events within the international field of robotics. Founded in 2004 it takes place annually in Vienna, Austria. Since then, more than 2.000 robots from all over the world have taken part in the competition.


574 robots from 46  countries competed at RobotChallenge 2014 in 15 different categories. In addition to the traditional competitions - Robot Sumo, Line Follower, Air Race, Puck Collect - many extraordinary robots could be admired during the "Freestyle" Exhibition: A piano playing robot from Mexico was counted among this year's highlights.

In cooperation with the Italian open source platform Arduino RobotChallenge held an open source competition for the first time in it's history: Ten international teams had the possibility to realize their visions for useful robots in everyday life: The ideas ranged from household robots, that measure the room temperature and help reduce heating costs or transport folded garments into cupboards, to pesticidal robots. During RobotChallenge 2014 these robots were presented to the public for the very first time.

1. Poland413
2. Latvia321
3. Italy201
4. Mexico134
5. Russia131
6. Romania120
7. Hungary111
8. France100
10. United Kingdom011
11. Slovakia010
13. Czech Republic001



In March 2013 RobotChallenge celebrated its 10th anniversary: 470 robot designers from 23 different nations competed with their 399 self-made, autonomous robots in 15 different competitions. In addition to the traditional competitions - Robot Sumo, Line Follower, Puck Collect, Humanoid Sprint and Freestyle - flying robots took part in the "Air Race for the second time. "Line Follower LEGO", a new category for robots built out of LEGO bricks, which is aimed primarily at beginners, was introduced.

For the third year in a row robot designers from Poland took the first place in the overall ranking. The second place was awarded to Russia, the third place to Latvia.

2004 - 2012

The first RobotChallenge took place in March 2004 in Vienna, Austria. What started as a small event with only a few participants and three different competitions soon became one of the biggest robotic championships worldwide.

Throughout the years, RobotChallenge adapted itself to the rapid changes in the international field of robotics: More and more competitions were added to the event and each year participants were encouraged to experiment in the area of informatics, electronics, mechanics and artificial intelligence. Since 2006 the Robot Sumo competition was gradually divided into various weight categories. With the first Freestyle exhibition in 2007 RobotChallenge opened the competition for extra-ordinary robots with special abilities. Humanoid robots with human-like features are  counted among the highlights of RobotChallenge since the year 2011. Since 2012 flying robots can show their skills in the "Air Race" competition.