RobotChallenge - The Competitions

RobotChallenge is an international championship for self-made, autonomous, and mobile robots. Each year robots compete in different competitions – Robot Sumo, Line Follower, Air Race, Humanoid Sprint, Puck Collect and Freestyle.

  • Robot Sumo

    Just like the traditional Japanese sport, the combatants try to force each other out of the ring. This competition is organised into various weigth classes:

    • Mega Sumo (20 x 20 cm, 3 kg)
    • Mini Sumo (10 x 10 cm, 500 g)
    • Micro Sumo (5 x 5 cm, 100 g)
    • Nano Sumo (2.5 x 2.5 cm, 25 g)
    • Humanoid Sumo (50 x 20cm, 3 kg)
    • Lego Sumo (15 x 15 cm, 1 kg)

    Entry fees: € 39 (for payments until 15.01.2016: € 29)

    Air Race

    Flying robots have to complete figure 8's around two poles that are several meters apart. The robots have to demonstrate their ability to manoeuvre quickly and accurately in three dimensions.

    The robots can be rotary-wing aircrafts (like quad-copters or helicopters), fixed-wing aircrafts, flapping-wing or airship designs.

    Entry fees: € 39 (for payments until 15.01.2016: € 29)

  • Line Follower / Enhanced / Lego

    Here a robot must follow a black line on a white background as quickly as possible. Only the fastest robots will proceed to the next round. In the enhanced version they must additionally overcome unexpected obstacles on the course.

    Line Follower Lego is a special category for robots built out of Lego bricks. This competitions is primarily aimed to beginners.

    Entry fees: € 39 (for payments until 15.01.2016: € 29)

    Puck Collect

    This competition calls for special interaction between sensor technology, mechanics and artificial intelligence. Here the robots have to collect small discs ("pucks") on the field according to color.

    Two robots compete against each other on a 250 x 250 cm field. The aim is to collect all pucks of the assigned color and carry them to the own home base. The first robot to collect all the assigned pucks wins.

    Entry fees: € 39 (for payments until 15.01.2016: € 29)

  • Humanoid Sprint

    Human-like robots have to complete a course by walking or running as fast as possible. The robots must be two legged and must shift the center of gravity to maintain its balance when walking, i.e. one foot must lift off the floor, while the other foot is balancing the robot.

    The robot, which completes the 200 cm long course fastest wins.

    Entry fees: € 39 (for payments until 15.01.2016: € 29)

    Detailed rules (PDF)



    In this category participants are encouraged to demonstrate their robotic creations, even if they do not fit into one of the other competitions. There are no restrictions - your only limit is your imagination!

    Entry fees: € 39 (for payments until 15.01.2016: € 29)